2017 Trends: Evolved Event Formats at Savage Smyth

To kick off the new year, brand experience agency agencyEA, co-owned by Savage Smyth co-founders Fergus Rooney and Gabrielle Martinez, published their 2017 Trend Report. This annual report shares predictions and ways marketers can use trends to meet their most challenging goals in the year ahead.

One trend highlighted by agencyEA is Evolved Event Formats. Brands have accepted that they can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to events. So they’re forgoing the typical conference format and embracing a participant-driven approach, tailored to specific audience types.

The first step is pairing audience personas with the right format. EA experience experts focused on the following:

Intimate Experiences, for the Introvert: Small, more exclusive gatherings deliver focused, undivided attention to an audience that might be wary of the overwhelming, thousand-person event.

Learning Hubs and Incubators for the Lifelong Learner: Events are no longer passive experiences but hands-on environments — from hackathons to maker fairs — in which attendees learn and create together.

Choose Your Adventure for the Explorer: Taking personalized engagement to an extreme, these experiences are flexible, engaging and customized based on the journey of 
each participant.

Hands-On Edutainment for the Participator: Why speak at audiences from 
a stage when you can engage them through experiences that use humor and entertainment? This approach not only amuses the audience but increases message retention.

Localized Experiences for the Homebody: It’s no longer enough to summon audiences to a conference. Brands are now meeting audiences where they live, work and play, with local pop-up activations or mobile conference tours.

Audience pairing was a key to the grand opening of Savage Smyth.

When agencyEA’s co-founders opened Savage Smyth, they hosted a series of launch events — each unique and tailored to different audiences. Guests engaged in experiences designed to showcase the venue’s diverse uses, successfully launching Savage Smyth to the city of Chicago.

“Audiences are craving new event formats. They want something unique, engaging and personalized to them,” shared Savage Smyth cofounder Gabrielle Martinez.

Interactive live painting, artist showcases, chef demonstrations and a floral shop to create your own bouquet were just a few of many experiences guests participated in.

In addition to Evolved Event Formats, agencyEA shares their top ten trends for 2017. Click here to read the full 2017 Trend Report.