Behind the Name Savage Smyth

The question isn’t who, but what. Savage Smyth was inspired not only by a man, but by a fierce spirit and passion to create.

The story of Savage Smyth is grounded in a deep respect for heritage. Venue co-founder Fergus Rooney’s grandfather founded a bottling company in Dublin, Ireland. Known for his passion and determination he built a career that would fuel a legacy and inspire family across generations and continents.

What began in Dublin lives on today in Chicago, an industrious city that for decades has provided entrepreneurs limitless possibilities to grow.

“We gratefully carry on the Savage Smyth spirit, in the city we call home, for the creative minds that fearlessly push boundaries within it,” said Rooney.

“The name Savage Smyth was the perfect embodiment of the spirit we want to come alive in our venue. We built this space as a platform to foster collaboration and provoke creativity and innovation,” shared co-founder Gabrielle Martinez.