A Community Statement from Savage Smyth

Given the degree of today’s racially aggressive climate and the lack of denouncement from our country’s leadership, we cannot, in good conscience, be silent and not take a stand.  

There are not “many sides to blame” for Charlottesville or for the current lack of civility – there is only right and wrong. 

These times call not only for solidarity and the need to serve as the best possible ally for all neighbors, but also for a strong voice and firm action in order to contribute as members of a just society.

AgencyEA and Savage Smyth firmly denounce white supremacy, fascism and any type of bigotry. At the heart of our company culture is a conviction to stand true to our values of Integrity and Mutual Respect for all. 

We are clear as to what we stand for. We will continue to use our voice and position to advocate for the good of our community, along with directing financial resources, time and labor towards non-profit organizations that advocate for underserved groups.