Maker Feature: Ram Fedeli

While many high schoolers are worrying about their next test or the number of likes on their latest Instagram post, Ram Fedeli is planning a fundraiser. Or rather, Fedeli already planned the fundraiser, held it earlier this winter at Savage Smyth and raised $2,000 for charity: water.

If you’ve gotten the impression that Fedeli is not your typical teenager, you’re right. Not only does he plan charity events for fellow high schoolers in his free time, he’s also an accomplished DJ.

“I was talking with my mom, and it just kind of came up as something that would be really interesting and fun for me to do,” Fedeli says of the event. He’d always loved music and events and this was his way to combine the two and also help people. His goal was educate attendees and inspire them to take action.

But why charity: water as his organization of choice?

“Water is a necessity for life,” he points out. And many people don’t have access to it. He’d recently been introduced to the charity so it was on his mind. Plus, he wanted a non-polarizing topic for his first fundraiser.

At the event, a representative from charity: water spoke to the group of 75 high schoolers in attendance, sharing about the organization, its tactics and its goals. All tickets sales, after event expenses, went directly to the organization.

“People really liked the speaker and his impactful talk,” Fedeli says.

They also liked the rooftop ice skating, which was enhanced by snow that fell earlier that day. And of course, Fedeli DJ’d — a combination of electronic, EDM, rap and pop music.

He grew up playing instruments, including the violin, drums, trumpet and a bit of piano, and he became a certified DJ at age 12. He’s spun at all of his school dances — at Soldier Field, the Shedd Aquarium and Studio Paris — as well as a handful of corporate events.

“I love being able to make people happy through music,” he says.

Now, in addition to music, he can impact people through his fundraisers. Fedeli already held a second one at Studio Paris Nightclub.