We believe in uniting highly motivated, passionate, value-driven individuals and the powerful creations that result from these collaborations.

Who is Savage Smyth?

The question isn’t who, but what. Savage Smyth was inspired not only by a man, but by his spirit. A spirit with a fierce passion to create who, years ago in Dublin, lived and worked notoriously to the fullest. His entrepreneurial vigor and relentless drive fueled a legacy for generations and is now embodied in Savage Smyth.

This spirit lives on in Chicago — a dynamic and industrious city that, for decades, has provided entrepreneurs limitless possibilities to grow, build, connect & push boundaries.

With a nod to the city and gratitude for its opportunities, we honor Savage Smyth’s legacy with a space that promotes growth and innovation, and encourages communities to come together, command their journey and craft their own experiences.